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ePub Membership

For just €25 a month, Irish Pub Owners can now keep in touch with their customers on


If your Local Pub Owner is “technically challenged”, any loyal customer can set up and run their own “Tribute” ePubs for themeselves and their friends to gather for virtual sessions. Please note that the first rights to the name of any licensed pub will belong to the actual Pub Owner or Manager.

Once you register as an ePub Owner, an ePub Page is created just for your Pub. Here you can add your Pub’s Zoom links for Monthly, Weekly or Daily Zoom Sessions for your customers hosted by you, the Pub Owner. Some ideas for Zoom Sessions that you can promote to your customers on ePub Ireland include:

  • Virtual Music Sessions
  • Pub Quizzes
  • Retro Sport Videos
  • eBingo
  • eDisco
  • Virtual Karaoke
  • Wine and Whiskey Master Classes
  • Customers can chat together in your Zoom Chat Rooms with One Pub Chat Room to chat during Music Sessions or Quizzes and Multiple Private Chat Rooms (Private Pub Tables) for small groups of friends who normally meet in your real Pub.

All you have to do is create and manage Zoom Events for your new Virtual or ePub and post links for each meeting in advance on your own Pub’s dedicated ePubs Ireland page.

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